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DIY Repurposed T-shirt Shag Pillow

I am attached to many of my T-shirts the way I cannot throw them away nor give them to somebody else. Too many memories linked to piece of cloths lying in the wardrobe, taking limited space and collecting dust. I am not wearing my jersey because of spots under arms. What an idea I come across to sew repurposed t-shirt shag pillow that will decorate couch in my flat! Real reincarnation of my old, shaggy T-shirts! I love the slogan of Vanessa (V and Co how to: shag pillow) “no animals or plants were hurt in the making of this project“ that exactly reflects my attitude to life balance. You can follow Vanessa’s detailed tutorial and envision multicolored pillow to your baby’s stylish bedroom. Basic sewing skills would be sufficient, spiced by patience and stylish creativity you will breathe life into new, original, decorative accessory that will whisper the stories from “worn“past. C’mon guys, join me in my attempt to recreate T-shirt’s past into bright pillow’s future!

T-shirt Shag Pillow Inspirations

t-shirt shag pillow

shag pillow
Shag Pillows Made From Old T-shirts via: kai-ta-hetera, mshackmanjustcraftyenough and lauralilarson

How To Make T-shirt Shag Pillow

t-shirt shag pillow diy tutorialTutorial and Instructions You Can Find via: vanessachristenson

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