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How To Make Paper Bag Floors

Every time returning from grocery, you might have plenty of brown paper bags collected. There is one revolutionizing idea how to use brown paper bags for DIY paper flooring. If you are looking for inexpensive, unique, attractive alternative to carpeting or hardwood, brown craft paper flooring is right for you.

Floor must be smooth and clean. Paint area with shellac-based sealer. Tear paper bags into pieces, prepare glue mixture, brush glue mixture directly on the floor or paper, place the paper over the wet area, then brush the top with glue mixture, press bubbles out as you brush, go on with the next piece of paper. The process itself reminds of decoupage technique. Work out of a corner, starting with the edges of the area. When all the paper is laid down, let it dry overnight. VoilĂ ! Next morning you can see bright new floor ready to be coated with polyurethane and in a few days you can move in furniture. What a feeling being able to reuse material, create new look of the interior and renovate. Result will be worth your patience and hard work.

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[VIDEO] DIY Brown Craft Paper Flooring


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