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DIY Furniture Made Of Old Newspapers by David Stovell

Nowadays many people enjoy reading paper newspapers in subways, on the benches in the park or simply on the couch. They love the feeling of paper page being turned over, smell of fresh print and a sense of completion when reading the last page. Reading online is undoubtedly more eco-friendly. You might not wonder about number of trees being destroyed for you to enjoy fresh but ephemeral news with your morning coffee. But there is a solution, do not throw away newspaper after reading. Collect them and get inspired by the reuse ideas.

David Stovell, as many other cutting-edge sustainability-minded designers, was implementing idea of design that will save the world. Simply by rolling Sunday papers tightly and strapping them, he created stool. The idea behind redesign and repackaging extends material lifecycle and saves our nature. Newspapers are worth to be collected and used even for banal occasions, i.e. painting your flat to cover the furniture, camping, fuel the camp fire, or simply to sit on it.

newspaper furniture David Stovell

DIY Newspaper Furniture by David Stovell

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