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DIY Homemade Bottle Sprinkler

Have you ever thought of empty plastic bottle as a multifunctional item? Well, time to anticipate and reconsider your approach to multiple uses for a single object in environmentally friendly way. Lead your children by example and instead of throwing plastic waste away; show them the way to create something beautiful, useful, funny and creative in environmentally friendly way.

Recreate bottleĀ“s primary function the way to get water sprinkler attached to the end of water hose. Simply take plastic bottle, drill holes in it, attach hose by means of adhesive, waterproof tape and run off water supply. Bottle will serve as garden humidifier to water the grass, flowers and cool hot summer air. Refreshing experience powered by recycling idea for free!

How to Make a Sprinkler out of a Plastic Bottle

make your own sprinkler

sprinkler made of plastic bottle

Another Homemade Sprinklers Made From Plastic Bottles

how to make sprinkler made of plastic bottle

diy homemade bottle sprinkler

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