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Cardboard Owls

Having cardboard meant to be discarded? Take a moment and reconsider the way to recycle it by means of creative craft! Make various animals out of cardboard, i.e. owls, rabbits, bears, squirrels, beavers, hummingbirds or mouse that will brighten your house and cheer up your garden.

Owl” motives become popular again. Stay on the top of creative décor-wave and surf fearlessly on the handmade creativity. All you need is corrugated (wavy layer) cardboard, scissors, glue, buttons, old spoons, ruler, pencil and hemp cord. Ensure each figure has hemp rope loop for hanging on the wall, door or tree. Take your time, use your hands and get inspired by few instructions on how to master elegant, cardboard owl decors.

Cardboard Owls Inspiration

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How To Make Cardboard Owl Family From Recycled Materials

DIY Cardboard Owl Tutorial

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